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Austin iPod Trip

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Hello all! I hope that everyone made it home safely and enjoyed the remainder of your weekend. Please use this page to continue the conversation started on Friday. It's easy to get started - click edit, type the information, save, and you're done! If you're not familiar with Wikis, I encourage you to watch the video on the home page!


Arturo Guajardo's Wiki


Vanessa Gallardo's Wiki


Technology with ELL Web Pages

For those interested, this is a page of the links that Vanessa (Burnet Middle School) gave to use. It is also linked to Technology in the ELL Classroom so please feel free to add your own!


iLearning with Apple iPods 

A great article about how one school is planning to equip their entire district with iPods and how they're going to use them in classrooms.


Alphabet Podcasts

These podcasts were done by 1st graders who are attempting to podcast the entire alphabet. It's worth visiting!!


I also highly encourage you to add ESL/ELL Resources (great books, articles, etc.) that you may have to encourage the use of technology. Also - share with your friends! I would love for my wiki to be a "meeting of the minds" for teachers. You'll notice I have pages for all core content areas as well.


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    Why iPods?

    adapted from Arturo Guajardo's presentation


    To Connect - Create - Communicate


    iPods are a great way to connect to students while allowing them to create content specific to the student. Communication, which is vital for ELL, is amplified through the iPod because student work can be on the iPods and the Internet.



    Possible iPod Applications

    • Vocabulary building slideshows, flash cards, or videos
    • Concept building using digital videos from Unitedstreaming
    • Demonstrate quality language models
    • Build background during pre-reading activities using digital videos from Unitedstreaming
    • Read along with podcasts of news stories or topics of interest
    • Read along with audio books
    • Create digital recordings of student speech
    • View teacher created PowerPoint presentations
    • Dictation practice


    Possible Computer Applications


    • Create, publish, and critically view PowerPoint presentations
    • Create, publish, and critically listen to digital audio recordings
    • Create, publish, and critically view digital videos
    • Create, publish, and critically view enhanced podcasts
    • View Unitedstreaming videos and complete assignments or quizzes (on-line or paper)
    • Develop technology skills through Learning.com or Atomic Learning lessons
    • Complete on-line english lesson like those found at http://www.pumarosa.com


    Personally, the exciting thing that I found with the iPod use is the individualization that can take place for each student to enhance their learning. The student is in control. Many times we saw the student strive for prefection because they were going to be published. They wanted to do well! That's powerful!


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