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Microsoft Excel 2007

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 Welcome to the Microsoft Excel 2007 Wiki Page!


Here you will find information about Microsoft Excel 2007. Please add information, tips and tricks, and any knowledge you would like to share with the group. To get started, simply click the "edit" button and share away!




Help! I have a question! Can you help me?

This section can be used to pose questions and, hopefully, get answers!







Use this area to share some ideas that Excel 2007 may have been used to make life easier (in the classroom or otherwise).







Useful Links

This is a place to share links that can be useful in using Excel 2007, whether learning the program or using it in the classroom.

Make sure to include a brief description!


Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2007

This is an interactive guide where you can look at a command from 2003 and see how it plays out in 2007.


Microsoft Online Excel Help

This is a link to a listing of Excel 2007 Help Topics


Microsoft Excel "What's New?"

A link to a page highlighting the new features of Excel 2007


10 Ways to Get Ready for Excel 2007

Thinking about "making the change" to 2007? Click this link to see 10 things to help with the change.


Hidden Gems in Excel 2007 (New post! 2/21/08)

by: Jean Philippe Bagel

An article of 3 hidden gems in Excel 2007. Worth the read - help make your Excel experience even better!!

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