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Don't know what a wiki is? Watch this video (Wikis in Plain English) from Lee and Sachi Lefever of Common Craft


Seven Things You Should Know About Wikis


 This document is from the EduCause Learning Initiative

The seven things include: What is it?; Who's doing it?; How does it work?;  Why is it significant?; What are the downsides?; Where is it going?; What are the implications for teaching and learning?


Wiki Use in Classrooms

Click any of the links below to see how wikis are being used in classrooms.

Mrs. Atwood's Wiki


Ways to use a Wiki

by: Wesley Fryer

This is a blog posting from September 18, 2008 containing a list of possible ways to use Wikis in the classroom.


Mr. Morrisons's Collaborative Wiki --- that has an awesome example of Voki--- a site where you can create your own speaking avatar... it's lots of fun and you can be anybody -- or have any body--- you want!


Room 113 SMM - a great example of how a Wiki is being used in the classroom!



You can use this link to create an "Educational Wiki" at PBwiki-- no advertisements!






Wikipedia List of Wikis


Wiki's as Resources

Collaborative Learning

Welcome to the Collaborative Learning wiki. This space was created for the Learning@School conference 2009.

We hope to investigate what Collaborative learning is within the context of Web 2.0 and provide you with an overview or starting point for where to start.


Search for Wikis


This is PBWikis's directory of their public wikis broken down by category.


PBWiki Power Educator

This is a wiki page by an educator who is using his parents in his district to get his district on board with using Wikis. There are also great question and answers about how this teacher uses wikis in their classroom and getting people on board with using wikis. Take a look! (BTW...I got this resource from a twitter from PBKrissy who works for PBWiki - Twitter is another great resource tool - plus it's fun. If you're interested in knowing about Twitter, visit my Twitter page.)


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