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Using Web 20 Tools for Your PLN

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This was the presentation I made at the 2010 Texas Computer Educator's Association. Please feel free to download my presentation, handouts, and links to all of the information I shared during my session. If you were in attendance, I appreciate you coming to my first TCEA presentation!


Remember...It's a three step process:


  • Step 1: Obtain an RSS  Reader
  • Step 2: Locate resources that have an RSS Feed (Subscription)
  • Step 3: Review the information on the Reader


It's okay to delete! :)


Web 2.0 Tools for Your PLN PowerPoint Presentation

***Note: This PowerPoint is in Version 2007. If you're interested in simply viewing the PowerPoint, please use the PDF link below.


Web 2.0 Tools for Your PLN PowerPoint Presentation PDF Version


Partnership for 21st Century Skills - Teaching 21st Century Learners

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Web 2.0 Resource Pages

***Note - These are direct links to the resource pages on this wiki.


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